A ball at the Academy of Music, January 11, 1869

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From the 18th century, when it was the largest and most fashionable city in North America, until Gamble and Huff were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008, Philadelphia has always had a profound influence on American music, dance and popular culture. Long after the federal capital moved to Washington D.C. and New York surpassed us in size, Philadelphia, the “Athens of America,” continued to be important in shaping our American identity.

On these pages I’ll explore the people, places and ideas that have influenced the social construct of this city through dance and dance music; there are so many wonderful stories and themes. I’ll try to post one a week and cover at least one story from each century every month.

I believe that understanding how, where, when and why we dance helps us understand who we are.

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6 Responses to “About this blog”

    • ilcorago Says:

      Thanks, Camille. It’s great that DeFrantz is doing this research and teaching. There’s are so few original sources describing these dances. I’d love to know where DeFrantz found them.

  1. ntopich Says:

    This is a great idea; your posts have been very interesting so far! Do you know of any other good resources for learning about Philadelphia dance history?

  2. Very informative. Do you have any information on French balls in 1790s Philadelphia???

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